[Review] Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 02 Pink Brown

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Heiho heihooo~
Happy weekend guys! I've been absent from college for 2 weeks
but next monday, I'll be starting college again :'3

Okay, as promise, more Dolly Wink review
today's review is Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 02 Pink Brown
sorry about the packaging, @__@

I still like the paper packaging tho, it's pink and it got some flowers
which I think is very girly. Tsubasa's photo is very cute too!

some eye shadow direction

I love the packaging so much! the size is travel friendly
this belong to your makeup pouch la~
I love that it has glass thingy so you can see through, plus it's
'love' shaped and it got Dolly Wink printed on ^^

Yes, I love the color too!
Pink, Cream, Brown and dark Brown
very natural girlish *what(?)* LOL

It also contain eye shadow applicator, it has 4 sides
which is perfect! *love*

Here's the swatches
without flash

with flash

I think the color is pretty pigmented, except the pink one, you have to apply more to get a visible pink eyeshadow, and it has shimmers
although it has shimmers, I think this eyeshadow is still natural
and great for everyday look

My thoughts about this Eyeshadow :

*Cute Packaging
*Travel friendly

Cons :

Here's a look I created using Dolly Wink Pink Brown Eyeshadow

so, what do you guys think about this eyeshadow? :)

Thank you for reading !
see you at my next post,

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  1. baguss >.<
    kamu beli dimana??

    1. yang ini aku beli di jepang ci, soalnya over price banget kalo beli di OS, dolly wink di kay collection juga muahaal banget T_T