[Review] Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder 2 Chocolate Brown

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Hello hello! Finally a blog post!
I've been so busy with college thingies ! x_x
it's so hard to find a time to relax and write my mind on a blog post
but I'll try my best ! *^*

Anyway I've been kinda serious to take care of my body more these day
idk idk, I usually really, I mean really almost doesn't care about working out regularly, applying mask regularly, eating less sugary food etc
but now.... *^*b zaaaam ! I feel like I SHOULD ! *wut wut*

I hope I can keep the routine ! *omg this is such a random things to write*

OKAY! back to the review, today's product review is 
Dolly Wink (again) Eyebrow Powder 02 Chocolate Brown

alright then, eyebrows are like the frame of your face, be sure to
create a perfect eyebrows that matches, because it could change
the way you look

I never tried an eyebrow powder before, tbh I don't really interested
on buying one lol
well, you don't know unless you tried~
the shades that I have is number 2 Chocolate Brown, number 1 is Honey Brown, number 3 is Dark Brown.

The Packaging :
I don't really like it, is not that 'cute' for a Dolly Wink
but it's quite small, travel friendly!

The Color :
It's a bit light for my actual eyebrow, but it's okay!
tbh I never 'done things' to my eyebrow lol
my eyebrow is kinda thick and I don't really do much for my eyebrow

I like it because it comes with a small angled brush >.<
you either can mix the 2 color or you can make a gradation so
it's more natural :3

L : Flash R : Without Flash

Here's my natural brows, the left one is without eyebrow powder and the right one is with powder hohos~ excuse my messy brows

Overall :

Yes I love this product so much!
I've been using this everyday :3 tee hee

Pros :
+ Natural colors
+ Easy to use
+ Comes with brush

Cons :
- I don't really like the packaging

Thank you for reading!!
see you on my next post,