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Hello everyone ~
today I'll use english for this post
since I have a very sensitive skin, choosing a foundation or a bb cream is a serious problem for me T_T I have to buy the samples first then I'll buy the full size if its suite my skin well /sigh

Last month my auntie just returned home from japan, and guess what, she bought me many Candy Doll and Dolly Wink products! *^*
Candy Doll foundation, makeup base, foundation powder and mineral powder are things I'll review on this post and next post!

I'm super super curious and tempted at the same time with those babies
I wonder what will the foundation and the makeup base going to be like!

So, today I'll be reviewing Candy Doll Liquid Foundation and Makeup Base

sadly I don't own the concealer *I need a new concealer tho* *smirks*
firstly, the Liquid foundation, the packaging is very Candy Doll-ish, if you know what I mean :)) stripey things, pink, white, black and purple :> 
Ultra cute!! 

The bottle is plastic, suitable for the clumsy me :')
and it's pretty small, travel friendly !
you must squeeze the bottle gently so it doesn't waste

Moving on the Makeup Base, why we must apply a makeup base before foundation? well a makeup base helps makeup long lasting on our face and it will protect our skin and pores from makeup getting inside your pores causing pimples, plus it's also even your skin tone !

and makeup base may contain SPF which also protect our skin from the sun
Candy Doll itself have SPF 30! *^* good good product~

The packaging is very similar

*forgot to take a pic of the foundation, forgive me,
it looks similar to each other tho*

L:base R:foundie

*blend blend blend* L:base R:foundie

Lets talk about the base first, here's the base looked like on my face
pleaaaseeee excuse my pimples, I applied it on the area where I have many pimples and redness so you can see it clearly T__T
uughhh It's my skin on early february...pretty bad....
but now it's getting better, thank god ;;;v;;;

My thoughts about the makeup base :

* Moisturizing and made my skin soft
*Light and not greasy
*Dewy finish
*A little goes a long way
*Brighten your face
*Helps with redness
*Light to medium coverage
*Cover up pores
*SPF 30

PS : I don't recommend this base if you doesn't like a shimmer finish, because it contain some pearl glittery thingy(?) hahaha

 And now the foundation, I have to say that this foundation is very natural! and it matches my skin color perfectly, my skin is kinda.... yellowish and it matches whoaaa *clap clap*



*I didn't use concealer*

My Thoughts about the Liquid Foundation:
*Natural dewy finish
*Light to medium coverage
*Great for Asian skin tones
*Surprisingly light
*Didn't cause breakout (for me)
*Long lasting (thank you makeup base)
*Not sticky

PS: You might need concealer for some extra cover on your blemishes
because this foundation is very natural with a light to medium coverage

so, my conclusion, Makeup base + Foundation = LOVE
for the cons, yes, It's pricey and so hard to get in indonesia :(
but don't you worry my indonesia friends, I'll be selling a share in jar Candy Doll foundation and Makeup base for 3 person only, because of the limit of the jars I have..so... yeah :')

*and might be giving away some too, stay tuned for my next giveaway*

anyway, thank you for reading! see you on my next post!

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  1. coveragenya medium yaaa heheheh candy doll emg bagus yaaa XD

    1. Iya ci baguuuss XD, iya medium ci jadi kl kulitnya kaya aku harus pake concealer lagi huhu

  2. wow so fast u update another blogpost
    I like the last picture, look flawless after using it (btw, I have same face problem like you)
    I might consider buying it ^^
    just following u back ^^

    1. omg sisters >_<
      yaaay, is Candy Doll popular in malaysia too? It's very hard to get it on Indonesia tho T_T


  3. Weh.. menarik ya T_T hari ini keracunan berapa item >.<
    coba pake concealer lebih *o*


    1. hehe *sebar sebar racun* T__T++
      iya ci aku sengaja ga pake di post ini biar lebih jelas coverage foundienya XD

  4. Hi Felly! ^^ Wah, you have such a nice aunt!!! Those candy doll products is so cute!!! Wow, the coverage is good too!!! I don't have any bbcream with a dewy or shiny finishes so this is something I'll look into. :D Plus, I always like Tsubasa's products that she promotes, sooo cute packaging!! Great post!!! <3 <3 <3

    <3 from Chuonie


    1. Thankyou <3
      I love dewy finish, maybe you should try it someday >_< <3