[Review] Candy Doll Powder Foundation 01

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Hello hello!
Here's another Candy Doll series review for you guys ^o^

Candy Doll Powder Foundation #1
Whenever I cosplay at a cosplay event etc I have to touch up at least once
or two or I always bought a powder foundation or a loose powder with me
everytime, it's like a must thing in my makeup pouch

Packaging :
similar with the makeup base and foundation
I love the size of it, its very travel friendly

A mirror and a marshmallow sponge included !
and it also have a separator between the sponge and the powder

My Thoughts :

The shade that I got is number 1 which is the lightest
I love the coverage of this product, it helps you get a flawless 
finish on top of your bb cream / foundation without making 
your face looks cakey

without a bb cream or foundation this product also have a great coverage
which can helps conceal your redness, pores, even out your skin tone, it also control sweat and sebum 

L : with R: without

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi Feliza!!! :) Ooooh, this candy doll powder foundation can cover even without bbcream or other foundation?? Cool!!! Has pretty good benefits!!! :D And the size is cute and so is the design!! Thanks for this review! By the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award girl!! <3 <3 <3 Congrats and if you have time, you can check it out at my blog! <3 <3 <3

    <3 from Chuonie


  2. thanks for reviewing this product! the packaging is so girly & simple <3

  3. hai kawaii♥
    thanks for leaving footprints on my blog ya hehehe
    ini candy doll harganya lumayan mehi tapi packagingnya kaya jelek gtu ya :(
    sukurlah kalo hasilnya bagus hehe

    1. Iya gitu gitu aja packaging nya, udah gitu bahannya ga gitu bagus sih buat ku :(
      hihi iyaa :D / <3