[Review] Etude House Tear Eye Liner 01 White

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Hello everyone!!

I'm here today with a short review for
Etude House Tear Eye Liner 01 White
more Candy Doll and Dolly Wink on the next posts soon!

I love glittery things to put on my inner eye corner so my eyes
will look bigger! I have to say I'm quite curious about this product
so I decided to buy it, it's pretty affordable, it cost me IDR 68.000
about $6-7, here's my review !

I love the packaging's color!
I choose white because I think brighter the color, it will make your
eyes much more bigger and bright 

Number 01, White.
I think there's 4 shades, White, Silver, Sun Light and Gold 

The tip is pointy and very easy to apply
Here's the swatches

The texture is not sticky and very glittery 

My eyes without 

With Tear Eyeliner

My thoughts :

*Pretty affordable
*Make eyes looks brighter and bigger
*Not sticky

Cons :

(-)Doesn't dry fast :(

 I like this product but I don't think I'll re purchase it ^^;;
so my rating is so-so la~



Thank you for reading! see you on my next post!

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  1. lucuu fotonya cantik :D
    ak jg pnya sama persis yg ini, emg bener keringnya lama >,<

    1. makasih >.< <3
      iyaaa malah kalau aku senyum2 pas belom kering trs jd rusak deh garisnya OTL

  2. Aih cakep <3
    Warna wig nya juga cocok banget buat kamu :D


  3. yah sayang keringnya agak lama yah.. Tpi bagus.. cantik kamu pakai dear>>
    Cute banget ^^

    1. iya aga lama keringnya >.<
      aaa makasih cc <3

  4. Nice eye Makup~ XD