Mirai Suenaga Cosplay at CLAS:H

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Good morning everyone !

today I'll blog about my Mirai Suenaga's cosplay
well to be honest I've been dreaming to cosplay as mirai for a long time
I do't know why but I think she's one of my favorite heroine ^3^

By the time I finished the costume, I was really happy
At first I planned to cosplay as her at cosfest event at singapore this 5-6 july
but someone is dragging me to finished the costume earlier :p
so I've finished the costume way before I planned to 

okay so because I've finished it way before cosfest, so I thought I'll give it a go at clas:h event last 22 june :D

I haven't update my Deviantart and CureCos, so sorry :(
I have lots of things to do becauseI'll be going to singapore
tomorrow (2nd july) and of course I'll bring mirai costume ><

okay here's some photos that my awesome kameko friends took at clas:h event !

I know there's still many mistake at my cosplay
I'll do my very best at next events :D
please do support me ><
and please visit my kameko friends page, they're awesome!

so I guess there will me no blog post while I'm in singapore T_T
but I'll post lots of things after that \:D/

see you guys later ~ ^3^