Sailor Fuku

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Just being random here ~
I miss cosplaying lately Orz
It's fasting month and it so hard to do photoshoot
and there's no cosplay event either ><

so I'll be posting some of my cosplay photo then :3
I really enjoyed the photoshoot 
all of my kameko friends are awesome ><
I'll leave a link to my kameko friends's site bellow
so you guys could see their works ! :D

this sailor fuku is actualy kirino's from ore no imouto haha
and I'm wearing a wig, not my real hair
also if you guys wondering how tall I am, I'm 170cm @_@

Photo 1 and 2 are by

Photo 3, 4, and 5 are by Kamego

I just want to share my past cosplay photos with you guys
there are still a lot of photos from this session
some of them are posted to my deviant art and cure
I rarely uploaded these photos so I guess I share 'em in here

Hoping to do more cosplay photoshoot in the future !

I'll review some of my favorite lip tints in the next post/o/
(sooo lazy to do it now)

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  1. Could you tell me what brand the wig that you used? thankyou ^^ coz, it looks so natural -w-

    1. I bought it from my friend XD
      I guess she bought it at Mangga Dua