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Hello everyone~ How are you guys? :3
as I said before, today I'll be reviewing Lip tints 
and they are :

[Etude House] 55 Kissful Tint Chou No.3
[Etude House] Magic Tint Balm No.1
[Etude House] Fresh Cherry Tint PK002
[Face Shop] Lovrly Me:Ex Tint No 2 Wine

okay so lets start~

[Etude House] 55 Kissful Tint Chou

okay, first of all I'm in love with this tint since I bought it *_*
Its not that pricey, love the color,and quite moisturizing ;)
at first my friend bought it and she was like ''omg this tint is freakin awesome you should buy it too!'' and I was like "awsdfsf okay!!''
so, I bought it and I'm in love !

It very long lasting, I mean loooong lasting, the color stays in your lips all day and it does't fade much even when you're eating.
This is awesome, I mean you don't have to re -pply it after eating :p
so lazy la..

And I love the shades to, It's very cute, natural and kissful *3*
I'm not joking here, I use this tint like almost everyday and many asked me ''what kind of tint do you use'', or ''omg your lips are so kissable'' hahaha 
and 15min after you applied it the color kinda changed a bit, more pinky-ish yet very natural *_*
and it doesn't make my lips dry
I just love the color that's all >_<

[Etude House] Magic tint balm

What I love about this one is, it's a lip tint and a lip balm
it's very moisturizing but imo the color doesn't really show up, it stays quite long but noot as long as tint chow
but if you're looking for a natural and moisturizing lip tint, I recommended this

[Etude House] Fresh Cherry Tint
PK002 Cherry Hot Pink

Its Etude House best selling lip tint (I think so) hahaha
I saw everyone like owning this product (well not everyone tho..)
so I decided to bought it as well haha

I bought it quite a while tho, I love its creamy texture,color and the smell :D
its like a cherry candy-ish smell >_<
its quite moisturizing, doesn't dry my lips but still I have to apply lip balm after applying this tint 
love the color also ;) cute pink-ish
you can use this as a blush too but idk it just doesn't visible on my skin x_x

[FACESHOP] Lovely Me:Ex Tint
No.2 Wine

This faceshop lovely me:ex tint is my first lip tint (that's why the text in packaging is already blurry)

I love the color and the result is very natural, although I don't really prefer
liquid tint because is not moisturizing :( you can apply some lip gloss after, but still... but thankfully it also doesn't make my lips dry

but still love this one, because its very natural and you can use this as a blush on your cheeks too..
my friend said that this product is not good coz it darken your lips after few times using :(
I don't know about this, it doesn't happened in my case...so....yeah..

Hand swatches ~

1. Magic Tint Balm
2. Lovely Me:Ex Tint
3. Fresh Cherry Tint
4. 55 Kissful Tint Chow

Finally, conclusion :

1. 55 Kissful Tint Cou
2. Fresh Cherry Tint
3. Lovely Me:Ex Tint
4. Magic Tint Balm

1. Magic Tint Balm
2. 55 Kissful Tint Chou
3. Fresh Cherry Tint
4. Lovely Me:Ex Tint

~Long Lasting~
1. 55 Kissful Tint Chou
2. Lovely Me:Ex Tint
3. Fresh Cherry Tint
4. Magic Tint Balm

Overall my favorite one is still tint chou and fresh cherry tint :3
what's yours? :D

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  1. wah dari dulu pengen cobain kissful tint chou belum kesampean mulu, males belinya lagian masih banyak lip product yg lain :3

    1. hehehe aku juga suka laper mata doang kalo liat liptint T.T tapi pada akhirnya dibeli juga hahaha XD