[Review] Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

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Okay, a very quick review I'll show you guys today is
Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

It's my first pore balm and I never bought any lioele products before
so this is my first lioele stuff :3
I've been to lioele outlet before at Pondok Indah Mall
but I don't know, maybe I'm just too scared that it doesn't match my skin or harm it >_< I have a very sensitive skin...yes very OTL
but I read many reviews about this product
soooo I decided to give it a go :D

here we go ~

the texture is very soft, not sticky and smells good too ^o^
honestly I don't like the packaging, its not hygienic. 
I prefer Etude one that comes with stick.

I was very surprise that when I applied it on back of my hand, it really covered my pores around there and makes my skin very soft *_*
I'm like wow, I'm totally buying this one!
It's quite long lasting also
I already tried applying it on my T-zone area, it covers my pores, many skin imperfection and feels very smooth (as you know my T-zone and around nose area have a large pores orz)
but I didn't help well on oil control,a little I guess, maybe because my face is too oily? :(

Here's the result : left one is before and the right one is after ^w^
not bad, huh? *loves*

so what do you guys think about this pore balm? :D

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  1. haha this balm is the best seller from Lioele <3

    1. iyaa >< baru tau malah ternyata ini bagus banget, jarang ke lioele soalnya haha