[Review] Etude House Dolly 3 Step Nails Review !

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How are you guys? ^w^

Today I'm going to review Etude House's Dolly 3 step nails
one of Etude House Dolly collection (2012)
and all of them are sooo cute XD

I just can't resist when it comes to cute and pink stuff Orz
just forgive me, dear wallet T.T

okay so Etude House dolly 3 step nails has 3 different color
pink, chocolate and black

mine is the pink one ;)

I bought it from Etude House at Orchard, Singapore.
$15 if I'm not wrong ;m;

I'm so bad at applying nail polish u__u
sorry if the result is very messy and stuff..../sigh

here we go~

 first impression of this product that, the packaging is freakin cute *-*
with all the lace, pink gradation color, gold crowns, ribbon and stuff

okay, I don't know what happened to the glitter polish one, I think it got dry OTL maybe because of the heat...idk.
but I'm not a fan of that glittery one anyway...

 and stickers !! everyone loves stickers......right? hahaha

so I'm going to show you guys the swatch
first, apply nail base coat, mine is faceshop.

here's the result of Lovely pale and deep pink

and apply more and more nail polish


 Okay.... pretty messed out here ^^; hahaha
Its my first time doing some nail art
*got no talent on nail art OTL*

don't forget to apply top coat, ladies~

but it was pretty fun playing with it :3
and I love dotting, I use bobby pins for the dotting

I love this product so far, the color turns out so well and the stickers are very cute :D
It was easy to apply but I think this nail polish is too watery, no?

what I don't like about this product?
the price. haha!

last saturday's selca, went out with family, watched Pacific Rim,
it was awesome!! so far, its best movie I've watched this year.

see you next time~