[Review] Etude House Kissful Lip Scrub and Cherry Lip Gel Patch Reviews !

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Afternoon everyone!
sooo who has dry lips here ? T_T well I do.. orz well not that dry tho, but sometimes it very annoys me hahaha
so today I'll review some products that I use to
make you lips much smoother ;)

first is Etude House Kissful Lip Scrub 
kissable lip smooth care 

Product description : This lip scrub makes lips soft and moist with its fine grains of sugar smoothing away dead skin.
okay at first I don't really care about dry lip etc etc but I'm so curious about this product so I tried it :))

this one is very simple to apply, simply apply a lil bit of the product, massage it gently then wash your lip with warm water. I usually use a cotton, dab it with warm water then use it to clean my lips, after cleaning it I use lipbalm to moisture.


 AFTER (with balm)

 Well as you can see there's a slight difference, although its not very visible but my lips become much smoother and my lip color become much lighter in some spots.
I use this lip scrub once or twice a week, well I recommended this product for sure ^o^

Pros :
1. Cute packaging 
2. Affordable (around IDR60.000+) 
3. Easy to use
4. Smoother and healthier lips ;)

Cons :

okay next is 
Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch

first time trying this lip gel patch, its sooooo cute so I bought it *kicked*

Product description : Formulated with vitalizing Cherry extract this lip-shapped hydro gel patch hydrates, repair and soothes for soft, supple and smooth lips.
Directions : place onto clean lips and leave on for 10~15 minutes, massage the remaining product into your lips.

Okay maybe some of you guys think this product is wierd, I do too :p
Imagine sticking it on your lips and have a giant lips lol

okay it looks like this hahaha

BEFORE (bare lips)


well there is a slight difference tho, it moisture my lips a bit , it do make it more smooth and less dry after
but I don't know.. there's no big difference for me.
but maybe if you use this product 2~3 times a week, I bet there's a huge diff hahaha

Pros :
1. Very cute packaging
2. Moisture and make your lips softer 

Cons :
1. pricey
2. the product is easily torn, its very fragile that I almost tear the ends 
3. The product easily slides everywhere so its better to use it while laying down 

so I think that's all that I can review for today ;)
thank you for reading and I'll see you guys on the next post !

Don't forget to drink minimum 8 glass of water everyday! 

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