Costume Progress

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Hi everyone! How are you guys??

so I've been working on 2 new cosplay costumes, they are....
Mirai Suenaga from Danny Choo's Culture Japan
Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII 

so here's my progress...

for serah's costume, still 70% complete OTL
Haven't done the skirt and shoes :/

I bought serah's tops and outer wear online, PM me if you guys interested with the shop ^3^

This wig's brand is ghostcos (taobao), thanks to Alice :3
In love with the curls *-* 

 Mirai Suenaga's progress (85%)
everything is complete except the wig T.T 
I'll buy it as soon as possible !
This costume made by my private tailor :D
what I love about this seifuku is the back side lol I don't know why but I love it so much <3 haha="">
and don't you love the fresh orange color? *3*

 I ordered the tie like that so I could adjust the length.

 love love love ~

Here's the preview of my mirai cos :3 
Planning to wear this ar CLAS:H event and cosfest ^^
see you guys there ! 

costest coming soon! >.<