First post!

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Hello everyone ! thank you for visiting my blog ^^
well this is not my first time blogging, my past blog was Click Here

anyway, last year I entered collage so I didn't have much time to blog or cosplay, but now I'm on my holidays so..I'll try my best to blog something since I don't have things to do OTL

Okay.. In this first post, I'll tell you guys about myself first :

  • I'm 19 (this year)
  • my dad is Indonesian, my mom is half dutch (so if you guys wondering that I'm chinese or japanese, no I'm not ^^;)
  • I lived with my mom , dad, lil sis , auntie and grandma.
  • My major is chinese literature.
  • I'm a cosplayer , click this Link if you want to know more about my cosplay journey (In bahasa, sorry)
  • I speak bahasa, (fail) English , (a bit) chinese and japanese 
  • and if you're interested please visit my deviantart, cure, or Instagram (links on the right hand bar). 
Okay..maybe that's all I can tell for now :'D
very excited to blog now hahaha I'll blog about my cosplays, make up review, tips, and random stuff ^3^
and oh btw I'll blog in English and Bahasa ^u^ Thank you ! 

Random cosplay selfies ~(' o ' ~)