[COSPLAY] Serah Farron - Final Fantasy XIII

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Hello readers!
It's sooooo good to finally have a lot of time to rest and have some fun *lol*
Holidays are the best~ I could do so much things without thinking about collage assignment(?) :P okay, here's a quick update of my recent cosplay. 

I attended CLAS:H event at June 21st as Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XII

I just love her! don't you? I love her costume, her innocent personality, and everything ! XD Her costume is NOT 100% done, but I really wanted to wear it at CLAS:H ~ Here's some photos taken at CLAS:H event by my awesome kameko friends! 

Photo by : Christopher Adam

Photos by : Ikh Wan

Photo by : Cospixel

CLAS:H was very fun! I met a lot of my cosplay friends, I miss them sooooo much ! TT____TT  and yes I do have some cosplay projects for the future !
Photo by : Tegrit

Thank you for reading! don't forget to check my friend's fb/page for some more awesome cosplay pictures !!

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  1. kyaaaa~~~ cantik say >_<
    aku suka sama warna wig nyaaa.. bagusss..!!
    bajunya juga mirip banget sama karakter serah faron. kawaiii <3 <3

    ✿ Kawaii Fuku ✿

    1. Makasiiih >w<
      iyaa aku juga suka wignya, emang dijualnya khusus buat karakter serah XD

  2. Wignyaa lucu skaliii.. pengen coba juga hihi


    1. hihi iyaa aku juga suka banget sama wignya >.<