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Hello readers! How are you guys today? :>
I'm feeling great and productive (that's why I'm writing review now)

anywway, have you ever wondered why many Thailand's girls and actress have a flawless and beautiful skin like their faces ? hahaha I do! I'm so curious on their skincare routine and beauty products they use daily

earlier this year I noticed that Thailand's skin care brand has been quite popular in Indonesia, from pasjel to KISS and omg so many more la! hahaha

So on this post I'll share my review about

Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask

This is my second experience trying Thailand's skin care product after KISS (review soon), Thank you Bangkok Face Indonesia for giving me a chance to try this one out !

Gem Fruit Pudding Cream is a daily cream that you can use it as a day cream even a night cream. Why pudding? because the texture of this product is pretty much like pudding and smells very sweet *love* 

This product is paraben free, no alcohol, no animal testing and no component (derived from animals) 

This product contains pome fruit extract, sun flower seed oil, chrysanthemum flower and many more that can make your skin brighter, tighter, helps treating acne and moisturize your skin.

Lotus Sparkling Mask is a sleeping mask, you can use this sleeping mask 1-2 times a week at night before going to bed and rinse off in the morning. the texture is very light and it has a flowery scent.

This product contains Lotus extracts, Yuzu seed extract, shea butter, orange extract and many more, these ingredients can help tighten your skin and pores, skin whitening, spot corrector and skin anti-aging.

Here's the swatches and texture 
Gem fruit pudding cream is more creamy than Lotus sleeping mask, the pudding cream absorb faster to your skin than the sleeping mask.
I recommend applying the sleeping mask an hour or more before sleeping.

My Thoughts :

*Gem Fruit Pudding Cream*

This product does tighten my skin and Moisturize my skin well! it leave a matte finish, great staying power and oil control. And it smells very nice too!

Unfortunately, I don't really see the brightening effect and it doesn't helps my acne, in fact it cause some breakouts on my skin and I also feel it's kinda dried my skin (around my upper jawline) x_x

*Lotus Sparkling Mask*

I love this sleeping mask! This mask really tighten my skin, making it more bouncy and soft, and it also helps reducing my acne scars *-*

I would like to recommend this product to anyone who have normal-oily skin. the pudding cream's oil control are great, and Lotus sleeping mask will brighten, and soften your skin !

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