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Good day my lovely readers !!
Today's a good day for a product review :D

Have you heard of V 10 Plus products ?
Well I haven't heard about it until Miss Gladys contacted me and explained about V 10 Plus products. And I was amazed by V 10 Plus Products!

Okay! lets get started !

V 10 Plus is a skin care company based in Singapore, they have a lot of skin care products, such as facial wash, serums, lifting cream and many more.
By looking at the booklet, V 10 Plus is World's 1st Skin Supplement Concept and V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling itself have won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2013 at Finland.

And they have won a lot of awards, as you can see on the picture below

Lately I've been searching for a peeling products for my skin, I have lots of 
 acne scars, and wishing for it to go away x_x
luckily I have the opportunity to try V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling

wohoo so happy!!

They sent me 10 sample sized V 10 Plus Water Based peeling, enough for 3-4 weeks! and behind every sachet there's a beauty tip from Mrs. Akiko Yokota, V 10 Plus's founder!

Here's what its looks like :

V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling contains rice extract and seaweeds extracts which will helps remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin.

The rice extract will help your skin from aging and the seaweeds extract helps moisturizing your skin.

How To Use :

Spread an appropriate amount of V 10 Plus peeling on cleansed
and dried facial skin, and leave it for 5-10 seconds.
Next, massage it slowly in circular motion.

The dead skin cells will appear in a form of a tiny flakes, then rinse it with lukewarm water. It can be used in the evening, 1-3 times a week. If you use a peeling product too often it will dries your skin.

The texture is very watery, it suits well with any skin type even a sensitive skin! see how it remove the dead skins? I'm impressed :D

My thoughts :

After using V 10 Plus, my skin feels a lot fresh , smoother and clean than before! it also moisturized my skin *_* 

After using 6 sachets I noticed that my skin become brighter, my acne scars are fading and I think my T-zone area are less oily.

last but not least, It doesn't cause acne to my skin :D

cons? well I think it's a little bit pricey, IDR 270.000 

Thank you V 10 Plus Indonesia !
For more product information, you could check :



How to order :
Whatsapp : +6281286967999
Line ID : v10plus_indonesia
BBM : 7CFFA628

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  1. It's quite expensive for a mask. I've never heard about this brand before. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Can't agree more :(

      you're welcome dear ! :D

  2. I'm curious to try this peeling!
    But the price is just too pricey :(

    1. iya :(
      tapi di fb sm ig nya lagi ada sale sama giveawaynya kok XD