[Review] The Faceshop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner

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Hello everyone ! 
how are you guys? I'm still on my holidays and currently enjoying it :p

anyway, Jakarta nowdays is very cold TAT
I'm freezing here in my room ~_~
it's been raining everyday, and it's very easy to catch a cold

So today I'll be reviewing another Blemish Zero skin care product
which is the toner, I've already reviewed the moisturizer here

I bought this at Faceshop counter, Kuningan City, Jakarta.
Since it was on year end sale, the price it's about IDR 245.000
I forgot the original price tho, sorry ><

I've been using this product for more than 2 weeks along with the moisturizer
so here's my thoughts about this product 

Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner
Let's keep it clear. Make your skin glow with this toner which clarifies and evens your skin tone.

The product contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural Origin AHA and Natural Origin BHA.
There's no Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Synthetic Fragrances in this product which is great, because Mineral oil could clogs your pores, not all skin type, specially sensitive skin is suitable with Alcohol and Synthetic Fragrances.

The back side of the product is written in korean, and I can't read Korean OTL
The packaging of this product is plastic, glad is not a glass because I'm a very clumsy person haha
The bottle is quite big and not very travel friendly.
A tip from me, you should really pay attention on the cap, make sure you close it tight, because it could easily spills

This toner is very light, and it also smells nice.
I use this toner 2 times a day with a cotton pad, 3-4 drops, at the morning and night before I go to bed.

After using this toner for 2 weeks, my face is a lot more fresh, less oily (but still), and I can see my skin glowing. ^o^

Yes, I think I'll continue using and repurchase this toner.

What I don't like about this product? None. But I think is quite pricey :\

Thank you for reading !
see you at my next posts :D

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  1. hey
    very nice review :)
    I like korean skincare a lott.

    1. Thanks ! :)
      me too, it suits me the best :D