[Review] Daiso Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal

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Hello! I'm back for some more review this week ! :D

today I'll be talking about Pore Pack products
I do have blackheads and whiteheads around my nose, and it's annoys me 
I usually went to my dermatologist for a facial but sometimes I also use some pore packs, I did try Biore's but it itches my skin :(
I never use that one again since Orz

A month ago, my aunt visited Indonesia, she and her family lives at Singapore and she bought me this Daiso Pore Pack Natural Charcoal
she got this product recommended by her friend, she said that
this one is very effective.

I don't know where she bought this product, but I think it's very common in Daiso or Drugstore in Singapore.

Daiso Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal
contains 4pcs of pore packs
this is my first time using black colored pore packs XD
I could see the result clearly then ~

How to use : 
Wet your nose after washing your face, remove the sheet with dried hand, don't let the pack wet because it could weaken the effect. Place the sheet firmly, wait for 15~20 minutes, remove it from the outer part to the middle part, wet the pack if its hard to remove / painful

The pack is very easy to use, it doesn't had a particular smells,
but it smells okay.
Easy to remove ! it doesn't hurt (a bit tho hahaha)

here's what I got after 15min !

Whoaa, I can see the result clearly O_o;;



Overall, I'm impress with this product, it removed my some
of my blackheads clearly, and it doesn't irritated my skin.

I don't use this product often tho, and I don't recommend using pore packs to often because I'm afraid it could irritated your skin and clogs your pores x_x

thank you for reading my review ! 
see you at my next posts ^o^

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  1. waah bener bener keangkat yah blackheadnya
    aku juga pake biore nggak cocok malah gatel ><


    1. iya gak nyangka juga keangkat banyak ><
      iya sama huhu ga pernah pake lagi abis itu TAT

  2. wahh bener2 keangkat ya :'D di indo ada yg jual ga ya say? btw thanks buat reviewnya hihii

    1. iya ^^ hmm belumm aku cek sih ke daiso, tapi nanti coba cek deh XD
      sama sama! :D