[Review] But, Becky Job's Tears Pure & Whitening Face Mask

17.18 Feliza 0 Comments

Hello everyone! 

Today's review will be But,Becky's face mask ^w^
but, becky is a Taiwanese mask
I bought it at Watson, Woodland, Singapore, it's about $13-$14
I forgot @__@
1 box contains 8 mask sheets

I bought the Job's Tears Pure and Whitening one \o/
because its pink and cute
(at first I didn't know what is Job's Tear, so I google it pfft)

The packaging is very cute, the laces and princess like themes
really made this mask very attractive *v*

The Job's Tears help lightens dark spots and brightens skin
its dermatologically tested, oil-free, non-comedonic mild and gentle
also it's suitable for all skin type ;D

But, Becky its a 3D mask which also covers your chin area
and its also comes with 2 stretchable ear hook
finally! I could do a front flip while masking

and also the diamond-pattern helps the essence to fully absorbed into your skin *v*

 Here's the mask sheet 

okay, in my opinion, this mask it's a very should have one XD
its very moistful, it didn't irritate my skin at all (I have a oily and sensitive skin orz)
and the result is visible too, I can see my acne scars fading away XD
not to mention it's very convenient too *v*

so, bye bye dark spots, hello bright skin \(^o^)/

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