[Review] GEO Princess Mimi in Almond and Etude House Eye Lashes Also Miharu Julie's Mini Giveaway!

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Hello! finally I got a time for another blog update :D

so today I'll be reviewing 

GEO Princess Mimi in Almond 
Etude House Natural and Secret Long Eyelash 

also, I'm joining my friend's giveawayits Miharu Julie's Mini Giveaway ! XD
and its open internationally, so exciting!
so, what are you waiting for, go and check her giveaway right now :D

okay, first review ~

GEO Princess Mimi in Almond
I got this circle lens from geosoftlensroom in Instagram 
very affordable! 

 description :
Diameter : 14.5mm
Life span : 1 year disposal
Base curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%

well, last week I was looking for a natural contact lens for daily use
I don't use contact lens everyday tho @__@ 
used them when I'm bored with my glasses hahaha
my previous daily lens is X2 baby eyes in black, I'm a big fan of contact lens that made my eyes bigger and dolly-ish *A*

so, last saturday I was browsing some new lens and I found this kawaii looking circle lens hahaha and its designed by Tsubasa Masukawa asdfgjkl 

I ordered the lens right away~ 
the packaged arrived in monday (so fast! :D)

what I love about this lens is its very comfortable ! 5/5 !! XD
It doesn't feel like you're wearing contact lens at all >.<
and it didn't dry too! :D
yes, it's still comfortable even when you're wearing it all day long haha

the design is very cute and natural!
14.5 mm is a very suitable diameter for daily lens, not too big and not too small, and it gives you natural eye enlargement !

the color is fine, since I'm using this for my daily lens, a natural brown color is perfect ><

okay, more picture of this contact lens bellow

Next product I really want to tell you guys is
Etude House Natural and Secret Long eyelash
I bought these lashes at Etude House Orchard Road,Singapore

so here's my reviews :D

well ladies, if you looking for a full yet natural lash
I recommend using this one :D

I love the design so much! the packaging is very cute too :D
and also it comes with a glue which very sticky 

please don't mind my messy brows u__u
I'm wearing GEO princess mimi contact lens here !! 
Left : no lash | Right: with lash

 I think this lash is perfect for special associations or events but you still want to look natural :D

Secret Long

a perfect lash for eye enlarging, yet still look natural :D

very natural, long and thin lash!

 because its a long lash, it gives you more eye enlargement
if you're not satisfied with the volume, just add more mascara to boost them 

Left : Secret Long 
Right : Natural

so, in conclusion, both of them are natural lash that can be use for lots of associations or events, if you're looking for a fuller looking lash try the natural one, but if you looking for lash that gives you eye enlarging effect, secret long is perfect :D

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