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Hello everyone, how are you guys ?
Fasting month is almost over OAO whoaa-- so fast I don't even..
anyway, happy august ! although holidays is almost over
but I miss my uni >.< 

so today I'm going to talk about eye enlarging O__O
I love doing eye make up, because big eyes makes you more dolly-ish 
my eyes is average, I think, its not small and not big either

I was so bored yesterday Orz
end up cleaning my closet and found my old wig (haruhi suzumiya one)
and also I bought many lash when I was in singapore last month 
so I decided to try them on

many of my friends commented that my eyes is so big OAO
hooo so  I thought about blogging tips for enlarging my eyes :3

Tip No. 1
the key of large eyes is contact lens O^O 
I'm using X2 Baby Eyes in Black
only 14.5mm but it makes my eyes appear so much bigger
the pitch black color also makes your eyes bigger

Here's me only wearing lens O^O
heh my face so wierd

and here's with eye make up

Tip No.2

for this make up I'm using Dolly Wink eyeliner in Black and Etude House Styling eyeliner White

I prefer liquid eyeliner that looks like a marker(?) like dolly wink one, because I.SUCKS.AT.LINING.MY.EYES

I recommend using Black liquid eyeliner than pencil eyeliner for this make up

White eyeliner also very important for enlarging your eyes, it makes an illusion or bigger eyes
(you can also line your water line with white eyeliner so your eyes appear bigger).

Line your eyes from the right arrow to the left arrow, make a flick at the end
apply the white eyeliner close to your water line, here I only line it 1/4 of my eyes.

Tip No. 3
False lash

yes, false lash is like another secret of enlarging your eyes
plus they made your eyes appear more dolly 

for upper lash I use Ultra Lash Professional in Prince
its a singapore brand lash
I bought it at far east plaza, orchard, Singapore.
and lower lash I use Dolly Wink otona No. 13 Baby Girl 
(my favorite bottom lash so far :3 )

Looks like this ^^^

I think that's the basics
I'm going to buy another contact lens that has bigger diameter OvO
also I'm going to review more lash

Picture spaaaam!!

(for blush I use Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly)

Heee heee I love my pearl kitty headpiece 

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  1. Contact lens is really a hit in Asia—perhaps because of the prevailing Anime culture in countries such as Japan, China, Korea, and even Indonesia. Well, cosplayers and Anime enthusiasts would have to have at least a pair of those lenses in order to recreate their favourite Anime character. Larger, doll-like eyes have always been a trademark for this kind of animation. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing these eye-enlarging tips.