[Review] Nature Republic OR805 and Etude House Ice Cream PK001 Nail Polishes

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Hello everyone, I'm back ! 
I'm sorry no update for a while OTL

Holidays is over, back to college T__T
so many assignment and it's kinda stressful :/
but right now, I'm already getting hang of it :D it just now I have less free time to do some review / tutorials 
but I'm trying my best to update some more!!

and I really want to thank you to all of my blog readers \o/
thank you for your comments and everything :'')
you guys really made my day *bao bao bao*

nail polish reviews todaaay!!
and they're............

Nature Republic OR805
Etude House Ice Cream Nails PK001

One of my best friend bought it from korea, wooo so happy~

new babies to play with fffff 

okay first one is Nature Republic, its my first nature republic product
my first impression at this nail polish is the color is soooooooo nice!
they look yum yum

swatches ~

Love the color so damn much *A*
it really suit my skin, bcs my skin its rather yellow-ish ~

and the texture is more transparent than other nail polish
 so you need 2-3 coat
but I like it ! I'm so bad applying nail polish tho OTL
the brush is also nice, and easy to apply
what I don't like about this one is, it doesn't dry that fast @_@
\my current favorite nail polish/

Next one :
Etude House Ice Cream Nails PK001

my friend pick this one for me and yes I love it! *3*
my first impression about this nail polish is the packaging, Ice cream cone !!
it's like the cutest nail polish packaging *A*
the color is also nice, not too pink but not soft also, it just 'right' haha


cute isn't it ////
the texture is fine, not too sticky, dry quite fast :D
the brush is so so for me @_@ idk maybe I'm so bad at applying it Orz
so I'll rate this one : ''so..so.. '' #slapped

made by using those two nail polish
all you have to do is dotting it with a bobby pin :D
very easy! ><


look at my oranges bed sheet huur hurr 
good morning from my babies UvU

short hair now!!
finally ~ so refreshed \o/ I love short hair bcs its easier to take care of it hahahahaha!!
and jakarta these day is so damn hot OTL it felt much better with short hair

and also I told my hair stylist to cut my hair like momo to love ru XD
bcs my bf its a big fan of her lol

see you guys later then! :D