[Review] Faceshop Real Nature Mask Mung Bean

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Hello everyone!
finally an update >.< midterm not yet finished tho
but I got some free time so I'll review some face mask that I just bought last weekend at faceshop \o/
it's my favorite aloe mask and I also bought mung bean mask

so here's my first review :
Faceshop 1000mg Real Nature Mask Mung Bean

I bought these last satuday at faceshop, kuningan city
for IDR 20.000 each
Faceshop is having a promo, for minimum purchase IDR 100.000 you'll get 10% discount :> neat!

 Also the sales gave me some free samples teehee happy! 

I was going to buy some aloe mask that time , but since I'm having a lil bit of acne the sales recommends this mung bean mask for sensitive skin

like always I love the simple packaging :D

description : A cleansing skin tone purifying mask sheet containing mung bean extract, effective in purifying pores for a clean and smooth skin texture.

according to the sales, this mask also help decreasing oil on your face

so, start with a clean face, unfold the mask place the sheet on your face for 15-20 min.

My thoughts for this mask are :
  •  smells really good, light and relaxing
  • it doesn't causes irritation or breakout on my skin
  • my skin feel so smooth afterwards 
  • my skin is less oily
  • I can see my acne are also decreasing a bit and much more calmer
  • affordable !

cons? nothing.

 so this mung bean mask became one of my favorite mask hahaha :))
on the next post I'll be reviewing faceshop aloe mask, so stay tuned !

Last sunday, one of my friend invited me to having some halloween photoshoot on his studio, here's my costume ^o^

 So happy! finally I got to do some cosplay photoshoot ; A ;
I'll blog about the halloween photoshoot later >o<

Also here's some preview for my upcoming cosplay 
Hime Shirayuri from Zone-00

 I'll also blog more about this preview later and also some products I use for this cosplay make up :D

Special thanks to Widy ( Okutabi Photography )
and Peito ( Link )

Thank you for reading ! see you at the next post ^o^)/