[Review] Faceshop 1000mg Real Natural Mask Aloe Vera

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Midterm is oveeeeeeer !!
Finally! I can relax and sleep early *dances*

anyway, hello everyone! how are you guys doing? :>
as I promised I'll review about my favorite mask of all time 
it's Faceshop Aloe Vera mask ^o^
been loving this mask since my first try

okay so, been working hecticly because of midterm D:
face become dull, dry, eyebag and dark circle everywhere etc etc etc etc 
but it doesn't stop me to do a mask routine every 1-2times a week 
one of my favorite mask is this aloe mask
I bought it at Faceshop, Kuningan City for IDR 24.000
and I think its very affordable :>

 always love the packaging

Description : A soothing/hydrating mask sheet containing aloe extract, which hydrates and soothes the skin with rich sense of moisturization, to provide instant care to puffy and sensitive skin.

start with a clean face, unfold the mask and apply it for 20-30 min
I rushed back home just to relax and enjoy this relaxing moments 

Happy skin is happy~

what I like about this mask :
It doesn't harm my skin << my skin is very sensitive Orz
Smells very fresh 
Moisturize very well, my skin become so soft and bouncy ^3^
Helps on treating acne scars and redness on your face

cons? NONE

Thank you for reading my review !

next reviews will be ....

see you guys !