[Review] Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint RD301

18.45 Feliza 4 Comments

Hello everyone~
today's review is gonna be another liptint review ^o^

I've reviewed Fresh Cherry Tint in hot pink not so long ago,
today I'll review the red one ^o^

I bought this for IDR 75.000 at @flebeautyshop in Instagram

cute etude packaging as always ~


why I choose the red ? I really want to try 'that ulzzang lips' look
for everyday looks hahaha

the color is nice and also smells good ~

here's the swatches

pretty natural, don't you think?

Up : bare lips x__x
Down : with tint
just a couple or three dabs at the inner corner of my lips

so my final thoughts are :
1. affordable
2. natural color (perfect for daily look)
3. smells good
4. quite pigmented 

cut my hair last week u_u

for my next review, I'll be reviewing some eyelashes :D

 see you at the next post !! ><

4 komentar:

  1. warna nya naturall bangett ya . cutee :3

    1. Iyaa tapi kl mau lebih merah diratain terus aja, nanti bener2 dpt full red lips XD

  2. you look like a kid in the last but one pic :)

    1. hahaha thanks XD *cute fail* :))