[Review] Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

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Hello everyone ~
I'm back for some review
today's review is Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

a couple weeks ago I was very sick
catched a high fever and it sucks T__T /sigh
my face was very pale, tired and etc etc 

the worst part of it is my dark circle made my eyes very dull :( 
after a few days recovery, its getting better but still I had a lot of assignments because of it I've been lacking some sleep 
(maybe) I should buy some eye cream OTL

anyway, here's my review ^A^

I think this collagen eye patch us very eyecatching, the packaging is very pinky and cute ^o^ you can find it almost in every Etude House counter, it cost about IDR 28.000
I bought this after the any cushion beauty class at Etude House Gandaria City 

Description : Formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes.

Here's the patch 
when you opened the packaging there's 2 soft white patches with a clear film, remove the clear film and place the patches on both side of your under eye

 like this ^^^^
it's kinda slippery tho, but its okay for me
then leave it about 15-20min
I love wearing this eye patch it felt so soft and cold(?) idk it felt very nice and smells nice :>

And here's the result

Well as you can see this is my first pack in this week, there's no instant result in the first try, I tried 2 packs a week and well my dark circle really do reduced ^w^ yaay
but as you can see it's not completely reduced tho I still had a dark circle but is not that bad compared to my dark circle 2 weeks ago.

the benefits of this products are, it's very moisturizing, brighten my eyes, it doesn't harm my skin at all, my eyes instantly looks a lot more fresh, and it reduced my fine lines

after words I just want to say that, if you really wanted to get rid of your dark circle.........use concealer hahaha!
just kidding, drink 8 glass of water daily and don't forget you beauty sleep everyone, remember to sleep 7-8 hours a day! ^u^

That's it for today's review! I hope you guys found this post helpful XD

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