[Review] Real Nature Mask Lemon & some random things to share~!

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Helloooow everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't blog for a while TAT *sobs*
I'm a lil bit busy last week, and I have midterm tomorrow /sigh/

anyway here's some review to share :D

Faceshop 1,000mg Real Natural Mask Lemon

It's one of my favorite Faceshop mask *u*
I also love the aloe mask

here's my review
I bought this mask at Faceshop, Plaza Senayan for about IDR 22.000
it's cheaper than EH mask and very reasonable fufu

lemon mask are rich with vitamin C it can help brighten your face and reduce acne scars.

Direction : Pull out a sheet, unfold and place it on a clean face, remove sheet after 15-20 min and let it absorbed deep into your skin.

after I remove the mask , I often massage my face and wait for 10-15min for it to absorbed and then wash my face with a lukewarm water

 masking while studying for tomorrow's midterm @__@

 please excuse my dull face D: ( L : Before R : After)
see that I have some acne scar and redness  on my skin ^^;;
 After I remove the mask I can see that some of my acne scar are fading and my face brighten a bit XD
 It doesn't causes any skin irritation too, but I love the aloe mask better, its more skin friendly for me.

what I don't like about this mask is : it doesn't show a lot of differences, well maybe if use this mask 2-3 times a week the difference will show up more 

Yes, I will re purchase this mask, although I will buy a lot of aloe mask more than this one hahaha 

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 我们很喜欢看Bakuman ^o^,他也象BakumanMashiro,所以我送他这个MashiroNendoroid。

 Another (should be) ootd pic hahaha
went to Uniqlo for some shopping 

I just bought this super cute cat stocking! bought it for IDR 65.000 :3
shout out for this cat stocking
IG : na_store

The should be ootd pic, cat addict? ^^;

Thank you for reading! see you guys at the next post :D
(due midterm, I think I can't post some review in 1-2 weeks OTL)

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  1. you are soooo beautiful :D kawaii sekali :D
    emang ya kalo the face shop gak pernah ngecewain kalo soal mask :) aku suka pake yang pearlnya, sehabis itu muka ku cling banget *halah hehehe

    1. iyaaa betul banget XD aku paling suka yg aloe sama bean hehehe