[EVENT] ESTEE LAUDER Makeup Demo with Vincent Xu

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Good morning readers! or is it afternoon...
idk, I've been so vampire-ish lately, I HATE THE SUN asdfghjkl

anyway, I got some event report~
so last week I was chillin in my bed, scrollin FB and stuff and I found Auzola's post about a beauty event, which held by ESTEE LAUDER with Vincent Xu. 

and I was like, OMG! I'LL E-MAIL HER ASAP!!!!!
did I mention that Mr. Vincent Xu is a makeup artist from china? well HE IS!

He's a global premire makeup artist *Q*
and meeting a professional makeup artist excite me! (and he's from china! I kept imagining talking to him, asks him a lot of question, even practicing chinese lol)

So the next day, Auzola replied my e-mail and told me the venue, time etc for tomorrow's event.

I got there at 12.30 and decided to have a lunch first then arrived at the venue at 12.50. The event held at ESTEE LAUDER's counter in SOGO Plaza Senayan.

omg makeup heaven

and FYI I never owned a ESTEE LAUDER cosmetic or skincare, my mom used to have some of it tho...

There's some pics of the counter *v*
by the time I got there, I met Dewi and her friend, she's a new Beauty Blogger. Then I met Fia, Bunga, Auzola, Putri and Lisha. All of them are very pretty and friendly ///

and I also met some makeup artists, whoo happy~

So at 1.15, the event is started, Erfan  opened the event and introduce Mr. Vincent Xu to us. Erfan is so funny! he's also friendly and stylist :D

Theresia, the model, is very pretty! I love her skin, so flawless. She's also a fashion and a beauty blogger *loves*

so first thing first, skin care routine! Mr. Xu is applying serum and moisturizer to her prep her skin before applying primer and foundation. He also massage her face to stimulate the blood circulation. (product used : ESTEE LAUDER Micro Essence and Afvance Night Repair)

The look that Mr. Xu trying to create is a glamour look without putting a lot of makeup.

Next, he's applying primer and foundation. He mixed the foundation with ANR to make her face more glowy. Next he apply highlighter pen and powder.
(product used : ESTEE LAUDER Illuminating Perfecting Primer, Double Perfecting Foundation, and Double Wear Stay In Face Powder)

Then, he done her eyebrow, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.
the colors that he used id inspire by New York Fashion Week, it's very green-ish and gorgeous *-*

(product uded : Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Brow Lift Duo, Eyeshadow,  Liquid Liner and Mascara) I forgot the product's names...... OTL

Mr. Xu told us many useful tips and tricks for applying makeup, I'm so glad I came to this event!!

Then he apply blush and he's using ESTEE LAUDER Lip Lacquer for the lips.
I love all of Lip Lacquer colors *-*

Mr. Xu used the color Electric Wine for the lip color, and IT IS GORGEOUS !

The finished look! aww Theresia is so pretty! and Mr. Xu is very talented 
I'm suppa motivated now!!

Products that Mr. Xu used for the makeup look ! (aw yiiiisss heaven)

And here's me and him! PARDON MY AWKWARD FACE D":
I was so doki doki, and yes I was able to talk to him in chinese, he said chinese is very hard (IT IS!) and he said 加油 加油!he's quite surprise that I can speak chinese in the first place tho...


So here's some photo from ESTEE LAUDER's event!
credits to Dewi pinkuroom.blogspot.com
credits to Auzola http://bowbowdorable.blogspot.com/
I was so happy that day! thank you so much ESTEE LAUDER, Auzola, Erfan, Mr. Xu, all of the staff and also my BBlogger friends >.< 

Last thing, who's excited for goodie bag? :>

What I got ? curious? stay tuned for the review on my next blog post!

Thank you for reading!