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雨が上がる 遠く空眺め 雲の切れ間探す 
(After the rain, you search the distant sky for a break in the clouds)

いつもよりも 少し遠回り 海へ続く道を 
(Different than usual, you take a slight detour down the road ahead leading to the sea)

切りすぎた前髪 気にしないで  そのまま 駆け出そう 
(Don't mind your bangs that were cut too short, Just dash out as is.)
頬をかすめていく 風の色が 
(The wind blows color into your cheeks)

(telling you of the beginning of Summer, someday)

大きく手を振って 深呼吸しよう この時間を抱きしめてたいから 
(Wave your hand and take a deep breath, embrace the moment.)

(I hope that we'll meet again tomorrow.)

Talent Viviyona | Photo Fx. Edbert | Makeup Feliza

Do not stealcopy, or modify with out permission and credits.
Thank you for your respect!

*Nb : Summer theme photoshoot! A full day photoshoot indeed, a bit tired tho but we enjoyed it! Happy holiday peoples! 

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  1. Dia mah gitu kan main ga ngajak2 :(

    1. foto sis :( sama Yona kan harus dadakan wkwkwk